CMI Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management

Sustained growth requires effective leaders

Introducing the Programme

Cloud9 are proud to offer our unique CMI (Chartered Management Institute) certification which offers our leadership programme under the nationwide recognized leadership qualification – CMI Level 3.

18 month programme CMI Level 3 Certificate usually £5000 – the cost to you with the grant is just £225 + VAT.

We have been working hard to align our programme to the prestigious qualification and are confident that our individual approach will transform the skills of your future leaders.

Your leaders will join other leadership peers during our 18 month programme where all participants will support each other and learn key skills in crucial areas of leadership and management by tackling real life, formidable business challenges and embracing the wider responsibility of leadership.

On completion of our Master Steps to Leadership programme, your aspiring leaders will return to your business fully equipped with tools to implement effective operational and performance strategies that support employee productivity and company growth.

Please contact us as soon as you can to secure your future leaders place and to take advantage of the apprenticeship levy and receive a massive 95% grant towards the cost.

Here are what a local business owner had to say about our existing leadership programme.

Sam and Rachel listened to my brief.  I wanted a more positive team environment, and a more efficient workforce.  

 I have been particularly impressed with how quickly my team has developed.  Only two months in, and people that did not get on are suddenly working well with their colleagues, and, are being more productive as a result.  My employees are happier people, and the culture of the company is slowly developing into a more positive atmosphere for all. Nick Gilbert, Managing Director – Comus Europe

How it works

The qualification demands commitment and the willingness to learn, where outside of the 12 workshops (a mixture of full and half days) delivered once a month, each delegate will need to pass 7 assessments , build a learning portfolio and undertake an end of qualification multiple choice assessment to evidence that they have implemented their learnings into their workplace.  There will also be a requirement for independent research/reading.

The programme will draw to a close with your leaders displaying their learning and development during the final workshop where you will be invited to join your future leaders to watch their business presentations.

Our feedback reflects the skills we have drawn on from the experience of a business coach and HR expert, which we are told is the perfect match for transforming management teams.

Here are what a local business owner had to say about our existing leadership programme.

Most training I researched was formal and theory based.  What I wanted for Joe was something more practical and relative to his everyday working life.  What this course offers is exactly that.  Joe gets to apply his learnings in the workplace and share his experiences with his peers on the course in a safe and confidential environment without being judged. 

This is a perfect forum for combining learning in the workplace with external training. Sarah Bays, Director – Century Office

It’s been a few years since starting my own leadership journey, the fundamentals that I Learnt with you gave me the confidence and peace of mind to be able to pay this forward, I’m very pleased to be able to entrust my team leader to your leadership program, since starting the program she has already changed and I’ve enjoyed witnessing these changes in thinking and seeing her growth first hand has started me thinking about who is next. Thank you and keep up the great work! 

Paul Field, Managing Director – WFP