Cloud9 has partnered with industry experts to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors as we recognize that your business will only grow if you increase your knowledge and understanding.

Cloud9 together with our partners have worked hard to ensure that our workshops will guarantee you will have the most current tips and tools to help you and your teams grow and develop.

How To Achieve Excellent Customer Service.

Thursday 25th January 2019.

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Back by popular demand, Cloud9 is sharing the tools and tips on how to achieve excellent customer service. Perfect for mid managers, looking for improvement in the standards and service offered in your organization and their teams.

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Our workshop is designed so that you can consider how effective customer service can positively impact on your business and support you and your team in developing a plan to improve the service offered by your organization.

One bad customer service experience can swear you off a product forever, however one exceptional service experience, on the other hand can turn you into a lifelong and loyal brand advocate.

So how do you ensure that EVERY member of your team is onboard and cares enough about what your customers think, this course is for anyone who is customer facing whether its via face to face, over the phone and even ‘electronically’.

 We will build confidence by always create a positive customer experience, manage customer expectations, handle difficult customers and make the most of every customer contact.

Understand how to make exceptional customer service standard, and start building loyal customers.

Finance For The Non-Financials

Wednesday 27th February 2019

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Cloud9 welcomes back an old partner! Ray Hutchin is making a guest appearance to offer a non jargon, and numbers made easy workshop, perfect for the non financial managers who are seeking an understanding of the business finances.

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There are no two ways about it, we have to make the numbers work, financial mastery is essential for your decision makers and managers in business.

If you want to grow and expand your business and gain control, you need to understand the business finances. You can either have control and an understanding of what is happening in the business, or you can rely on luck. We know which one we prefer.

Profit and Loss Accounts, Balance Sheets, Depreciation, Break Even, Profit Percentages, Dividends, Tax, Budgets, KPI’s, Assets, Liabilities, Cashflow and Revenue are just some of the words that people don’t understand, or identify the impact of these numbers.

Finance is the language of business and in this workshop we explain all of the above in plain English. We will show your managers how to think with a commercial head, and why understanding your numbers is essential in key business decisions and growth.